Welcome to my web site! I've been working on a little tune lately, but so far I've only got a single 8 bar chunk done. You can listen to it here.

My latest posted mix is number 34 and I think it's worth a listen if you want to hear the best Trance of 2005. You can get it here and here's the track listing:

1. [Alex Morph]-New Harvest (New Club Mix)
2. [Smith and Pledger]-Northern Lights
3. [Dyyni]-City of Moving Waters
4. [Sami S]-Oasis
5. [Haylon]-Starfighter (Jonas Steur Remix)
6. [Amurai]-Reminiscent of You
7. [Lennox]-Servant of Justice
8. [Acues and Elitist]-Zonderland (Carl B In a Lonely Place Mix)
9. [John O Callaghan]-Stormy Clouds (Greg Downey Remix)
10. [Andy Moor]-Halcyon (Alex Morph Remix)
11. [Super 8 vs DJ Tab]-First Aid

I'm learning how to be a DJ using trance music. In mid-February 2004, I purchased a pair of Technics SL-1200 MK2's, very nice turntables with +/- 8% pitch adjustment. I also bought a Pioneer DJM-300, a two-channel mixer with a mic input, 3 band equalizer, and an auto-BPM counter which I have to disable every time I turn the darn thing on because it defaults to ON for who knows what reason. I've also purchased a big stack of good ol' vinyl records, packed with some great music I never would have heard on a CD. Using some audio cables, I'm able to hook the output of the mixer to the line-in on my sound card or directly to my PC's powered speakers.

So, what exactly am I doing with all this stuff? A lot of people mistakenly think I'm into "scratching" or "overdubbing". Scratching is the art of manually moving the record about to make those cool scratching noises. I think that's more common in Hip Hop (rap) music, I don't do that. Overdubbing is the art of playing two songs on top of each other like Frank Sinatra and Eminem and having it sound like one new song. I probably could do something like that but it doesn't really interest me so I don't. What I DO is called "mixing" (though someone argues that it's not really mixing because mixing is like moving the parts all over the place, like a salad, but doing that to a song is called "remixing" it). Mixing is simply the art of making two or more songs sound like one continuous song that doesn't stop. This is done at parties and clubs because people want to dance and they don't want to stop. I currently use mixing to make my own compilations from records and burn them to CDs which is nice since I don't have a record player in my car or my office. Chrysler USED to put record players in some of their car models but you can see why that would be a bad idea for various reasons.

There's several things to consider when mixing two songs together. It's not so easy as playing one song and then switching to the next song when it's over. If you do that, it's going to sound like crap. The most important thing to worry about is tempo, that is beats per minute. Almost always, the two songs will have different tempos. In order to fix this problem, you have to iteravely change the pitch of the second song until it sounds like the beats of both songs have the same tempo. You do this by listening to the headphones that monitor the second song and the speakers playing the first song at the same time. There's some tricks to make it easier but it comes with practice. The second thing you need to worry about is volume. Very much to my surprise, records can vary in volume by 3 dB or more, which means one song can be twice as loud as another. Fortunately, my mixer provides a "trim" knob for each of the input channels which allows me to adjust the gain independently. While the first song plays, I play the second song in one of it's loud parts and adjust the trim until it caps out at 0 dB. The last thing you need to fix is the timing of the beats. If you don't get it right, you end up with double beats during the transition instead of just one. While the first song gets near the end, I play the second song until I hear the first beat of a phrase (a set of bars). I then stop the record with my hand and move it back until just before the beat. Now, I listen to the first song until it hits the first beat of a phrase and I let go of the second song with a little push to get it up to speed faster. One thing to worry about here is that records are not generally perfectly flat. Also, the hole isn't necessarily in the center of the record. This causes the tonearm (the thingy that holds the needle), the seem to wobble about as the record plays. Unfortunately, if it wobbles a lot, moving the record in reverse just a little causes the needle to jump grooves meaning you are no longer in the right part of the song when you want to have your first beat. I don't know if there's something I have setup wrong on my turntables or what but when that happens, I usually end up taking the first beat a few bars later which is on the other side of the record from the start. This usually works pretty well but it can be frustrating when timing is so critical.

Here are the track listings for my mixes:

Mix 1 - 03/22/04 - There's nothing really special about this mix. I just picked out some good songs and gave it a whirl. At this point, I figured I needed a lot more practice on my transitions and my beat timing. I also recorded the whole thing in mono so I only got either the left or the right channel (yes records are magically stereo). I've deleted these songs from my hard drive so the list might be inaccurate. I also re-use some of these songs later since this mix kinda sucked.

1. [040]-Ibiza Dreams
2. [DJ Greenhead]-Crystal
3. [Solar Stone]-Solarcoaster (Greg Murray Remix)
4. [Rah]-Seven (Airbase Remix)
5. [Sash]-I Believe (Triffid vs Manian Remix)
6. [Fragma]-Say That You're Here (Hennes & Cold Remix)
7. [Desiderio]-Starlight (Ferry Corsten Remix)
8. [Jam and Spoon]-Angeled
9. [Pirate]-Leaving the Sun (Original Vocal Mix)
10. [Sarah McLachlan]-Fallen (Satooshi Tomiie Interpretation)

Mix 2 - 03/28/04 - Again, there's nothing special, it's just a compilation of some good music. I did a much better job with the transitions and I figured out how to record in stereo. It sounds much better in stereo!

1. [Fragma]-Say That You're Here (Liquid Love Dub Mix)
2. [PVD]-Out There
3. [Haak]-Bass Shuttle
4. [Miika Kuisma]-Altered Mind
5. [Luigi]-Sanity
6. [Subsky]-Albino (MFM Don't Stop Remix)
7. [Dream Traveller]-Structure
8. [Christopher Lawrence]-Nitro (Fluid in Motion Remix)
9. [Hybrid]-Higher Than A Skyscraper (Hybrid Twitch and Sweat Mix)

Mix 3 - 03/30/04 - Two mixes in one week! There's no theme here either (three songs have the word sun in the title but that's just a coincidence). While making this mix, I noticed the large variation of volume of different records.

1. [Yahel]-Avalanche (Yahel Remix)
2. [Corderoy]-Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten Remix)
3. [Fast]-Transmission
4. [Pirate]-Leaving the Sun (Instrumental)
5. [040]-Ibiza Dreams
6. [Halogen]-Sign of the Sun
7. [Visions of Yawa]-Tibet (Jens O. Club Mix)
8. [4 Strings]-Summer Sun
9. [Fragma]-Say That You're Here (Hennes and Cold Remix)
10. [Baby Doc and Pete Wardman]-Disco Damnation

Mix 4 - 04/05/04 - I picked up a copy of "Nothing But You" at Ear X-Tacy which is too awesome (the song and the store both). I decided to make a vocal mix, so every song on this compilation has words to it (or at least ooooooo's). I did a pretty good job on the transitions and I got the volume about the same for every song.

1. [BT]-Somnambulist (Sander Kleinenberg's Convertible Mix)
2. [Desiderio]-Starlight (Armin van Buuren Rising Star Remix)
3. [Motorcycle]-As the Rush Comes (Above and Beyond's Dynaglide Remix)
4. [Delerium]-After All (Svenson and Gielen Remix)
5. [Paul Van Dyk]-Nothing But You (Vandit Club Mix)
6. [Barraka]-Song to the Siren (Max Graham Club Mix)
7. [Sarah McLachlan]-Fallen (Gabriel and Dresden Anti Gravity Mix)
8. [Armin van Buuren and Justine Suissa]-Burned with Desire (Rising Star Vocal Mix)
9. [Delerium]-Underwater (Peter Luts Mix)
10. [Sash]-I Believe (Original Extended)

Mix 5 - 04/12/04 - I'm trying to whittle down the pile of unplayed records, so I used a bunch of them on this mix.

1. [Paul Van Dyk]-Crush (PVD Remix)
2. [Calanit]-If You Come Back (Mike Rizzo Club Remix)
3. [Slusnik Luna]-Magic Kingdom
4. [Son Kite]-On Air (Lemon8 Remix)
5. [Luigi]-Motion Potion
6. [DJ Greenhead]-Crystal (Hiver and Hammer Remix)
7. [Art of Trance]-Kilamanjaro (Adam Dived Remix)
8. [Jamnesia]-Get Busy
9. [Critical7]-Lost (Recluse Remix)
10. [Against the Grain]-Further (Harry Lemon Dub Mix)
11. [Slusnik Luna]-Sinner

Mix 6 - 04/19/04 - Good music, good transitions.

1. [Humate]-Love Stimulation (Oliver Lieb Softmix)
2. [Cultivate]-Broken Pieces (Goldenscan Remix)
3. [Agnelli and Nelson]-Holding Onto Nothing (Original PVD Edit)
4. [Veracocha]-Carte Blanche (Kenny Hayes Remix)
5. [Faraway Project]-Savannah
6. [Matti Laamanen]-Flakes
7. [DJ Session One]-Can you Hear Me (Silverblue Remix)
8. [Paul Van Dyk]-Time of Our Lives (Starecase Remix)
9. [Ferry Corsten]-Punk (DJ Icey Remix)
10. [Watergate]-Heart of Asia (Quicksilver's Q Edit)
11. [Pirate]-Leaving the Sun (Instrumental, 2nd use)

Mix 7 - 04/26/04 - I tried to make the theme of this one a little darker so there's more bass to it. Unfortunately, a lot of the songs had funky beats so I didn't do a great job mixing. But the songs are pretty good.

1. [Professor Okku]-Deeper Water (Luke Chable Mix)
2. [Sasha]-Rabbitweed
3. [Joy and Horwood]-Pandora's Box
4. [Bedrock]-Forge (Fretwell Mix)
5. [D Ramirez]-Testify (Drive Mix)
6. [Solar Stone]-Solarcoaster (Steve Murano Mix)
7. [Sidekick]-Respond
8. [Christopher Lawrence]-Nitro (Machineries Mix)
9. [Dean Coleman]-Kontact (Samio Remix)
10. [Sidekick]-What You Want

Mix 8 - 05/10/04 - After picking out the songs I noticed some of them were lighter and some were darker so I tried to arrange them in order from darkest to least dark. In turned out pretty good.

1. [BT]-Love Peace and Grease (BT's Puma Fila Remix)
2. [Son Kite]-Game and Watch
3. [Tkac and Haverlik]-Synthia
4. [Element N]-Control (Freeloader Remix)
5. [DJ Cor Fijneman]-Healing (Vocal)
6. [Lasgo]-Surrender (Ronald Van Gelderen Remix)
7. [Apex]-Virtuoso (Airheadz Remix)
8. [JBN]-All I Want (Fragma Remix)
9. [System F]-Out of the Blue (Super Secret Remix)
10. [LMC vs U2]-Take Me to the Clouds (Extended)
11. [Solar Stone]-Seven Cities (V-One's Living Cities Mix)

Mix 9 - 05/18/04 - I did a great job with the transitions on this one. The last song was unforunately much too slow compared to the song before but the overall song selection is awesome!

1. [Rio Klein]-Fearless (Agnelli and Nelson Remix)
2. [Nic Vegter]-Artificial Intelligence
3. [Quivver]-Space Manoeuveres pt3
4. [Hemstock and Jennings]-Crimson Soil (Icone Remix)
5. [A Force]-Atomic Outbreak
6. [Castaneda]-Floor Control
7. [Oracle]-Aries
8. [Pulp Victim]-The World 2004 (Moonman Extended Reconstruction Mix)
9. [The Joker]-Release Me (CJ Stone Remix)
10. [Delerium]-Innocente (DJ Tiesto Remix)

Mix 10 - 06/15/04 - I've been away from making the mixes for a while but I finally made this one.

1. [Deep Cover]-Breakthrough (General Midi Remix)
2. [DJ Tiesto]-Forever Today
3. [Teleport]-Pump 'n' Spray
4. [Karma Club]-Lucky Star (Spank at the Oyster Bar Mix)
5. [Pierre Ravan and Safar]-Divine Energy (Filterheadz Mix)
6. [Suncity]-Somewhere in Paradise (Fragma Remix)
7. [DJ Quicksilver]-Ameno (CJ Stone Remix)
8. [Petibonum]-Once Upon a Time
9. [Impact]-Painted Sky
10. [Alex Bartlett]-My Angel (2Players Remix)
11. [Art of Trance]-Love Washes Over (Airwave Remix)
12. [DJ Tiesto]-Nyana

Mix 11 - 06/23/04 - More energetic songs.

1. [Brahma]-Even Flow
2. [Ferry Corsten]-It's Time (Flashover Mix)
3. [Nenes]-Turbulence
4. [A Force]-Gravitational Waves
5. [Arctic Quest]-Offbeat
6. [Aquasource]-Waking up the Sun
7. [Ronski Speed]-E.O.S. (Club Mix)
8. [Charlotte Birch vs Colin B]-Xplode
9. [DJ Scot Project]-U (V-Mix Reworked)
10. [Lightscape]-Inner Warmth
11. [Steve Lawler]-Lost (MK and MV Remix)

Mix 12 - 07/29/04 - I've been busy with vacation, making a demo CD, and ripping ALL my records into MP3's (takes forever). But, I pumped this one out.

1. [Sultan and the Greek]-Wadi (Vocal Mix)
2. [Perpetual Two]-Cosmic Chants
3. [Mario Lopez]-Blind (A2)
4. [Blackmail]-Do You Wanna
5. [Perc]-Closer (Nathan Fake Remix)
6. [Blank and Jones]-Mind of the Wonderful (Re-Locate Remix)
7. [Perpetual Motion]-Keep On Dancin (Andy Manston Remix)
8. [Chris Salt]-Dub Sonar
9. [F Massif]-Somebody (Massif Remix)
10. [Kadoc]-Nighttrain (Warp Brothers Remix)

Mix 13 - 08/30/04 - Busy with work this time but I'm going to make up for it, still ripping those records...

1. [Yahel]-Avalanche (Senses Remix)
2. [Ronald Van Gelderen]-Crying Out
3. [Ferry Corsten]-Kyoto
4. [Absent Minds]-Skydiving (Side A)
5. [Oracle]-Aries (Shane 54 Refill)
6. [Qattara]-Stereo Drive (Devil Mix)
7. [System F]-Dance Valley Theme 2001 (Tom Harding Mix)
8. [Beam and Yanou]-The Free Fall
9. [Blank and Jones]-Stars Shine Bright (Unknown Mix)
10. [Trance Fiction]-Code Red
11. [Organ Donors]-Mental Atmosphere
12. [Vinyl Groover and the Red Head]-This is How it Should Be Done
13. [Leigh Paul]-New Perspective (Knuckleheadz Remix)

Mix 14 - 09/02/04 - I'm making up for lost time, great uplifting tracks with great execution and spontaneously done, I think I've just made my demo CD!

1. [Corderoy]-Sweetest Dreams (Ambient Mix)
2. [4 Strings]-Day Time (4 Strings Vocal Mix)
3. [Spacekid]-Tune (SQ-1 Clubb Mix)
4. [Mr Philips]-7th Day (Mr Philips Mix)
5. [Paul Van Dyk]-Time of Our Lives (Starecase Remix)
6. [DJ Sammy and Yanou]-Heaven (Simon and Shaker Remix)
7. [Techno Punk]-Energize
8. [Paul Van Dyk]-Nothing But You (PVD Club Mix)
9. [ATB]-Ectasy (Clubb Mix)
10. [Andain]-Beautiful Things (Photon Project Mix)

Mix 15 - 09/21/04 - Yep, here's another one. Not much to say about it.

1. [Paul Van Dyk]-Vega (Starecase Remix)
2. [Saturated Fatty]-On The Horizon
3. [Randy Katana]-In Silence (Scratch Bandicoot Remix)
4. [Gouryella]-Tenshi (Original Transa Mix)
5. [Delerium]-Heaven's Earth (Club Remix)
6. [Progression]-Ocean Green
7. [Menno De Jong]-Guanxi (Super8 Remix)
8. [BT]-Flaming June
9. [ATB]-Killer (Killer 2000)
10. [Aven]-All I Wanna Do (Ferry Corsten Remix)
11. [Faraway Project]-Believer

Mix 16 - 10/05/04 - A friend was looking for music to test his new car stereo with. This should get those sub-woofers pounding!

1. [Solar Stone]-Solarcoaster (Steve Murano Mix)
2. [Paul Van Dyk]-Out There
3. [Masmada]-Drop The Bass Now
4. [Orions Voice]-Cockroaches
5. [Greg Brookman and Serge]-Frozen
6. [Vinylgroover and the Red Head]-This Is How It Should Be Done
7. [Leigh Paul]-New Perspective (Knuckleheadz Remix)
8. [Organ Donors]-Mental Atmosphere
9. [Fragma]-Say That Youre Here (Hennes and Cold Remix)
10. [Dark by Design]-Blackout
11. [OD404]-Dont Stop (Jon Rundell Remix)

Mix 17 - 10/25/04 - I didn't update my page for a while, shame on me!

1. [Miika Kuisma]-Altered Mind
2. [DJ Ernesto]-Stop95 (Phynn Salvation Remix)
3. [HH 22047]-Enjoy This Trip (Future Breee Remix)
4. [Binary Finary]-Niterider
5. [Astura]-Cassiopeia
6. [Jose Amnesia]-The Eternal (Thomas Datt Mix)
7. [Sunscreem vs Push]-Please Save Me (Push Remix)
8. [Cultivate]-Broken Pieces (Dale Askews Liberation Mix)
9. [Gouryella]-Gouryella (Armix Remix)
10. [DJ Tiesto]-In My Memory (V One Remix)
11. [Solar Stone]-7 Cities (V One Living Cities Mix)

Mix 18 - 11/07/04 - Britney Spears?!? Strangely enough her music can sound good with enough work.

1. [Atlantis vs Avatar]-Fiji (Lange Remix)
2. [Britney Spears]-Everytime (Above and Beyond Club Mix)
3. [Aalto]-Taurine (Super8 Mix)
4. [True Form]-Forbidden Colours (Thomas Datt Remix)
5. [Astura]-Cassandra
6. [Matti Laamanen]-Live
7. [Questia]-Nexus Asia (Vincent de Moor Original)
8. [Enmass]-CQ
9. [Darude]-Music
10. [Outback]-Cause In Fact
11. [Lostep]-Burma (Trafik AM Rub)
12. [Lustral]-Broken (Lustral Mix)

Mix 19 - 11/14/04 - Good stuff.

1. [Marc Et Claude]-La (Kaycee 99 Evissa Remix)
2. [G Park]-You Got Me Falling (Club Mix)
3. [Keoki]-Jealousy (Elite Force Remix)
4. [Greg Murray]-I Feel Loved
5. [Rusch and Murray]-Epic
6. [Solarstone]-Speak In Sympathy (Plastic Angel Deep Vocal Mix)
7. [Mario Piu]-Sensation (Sensation Mix)
8. [Neo and Farina]-The Key (Original Vocal)
9. [S Project]-Julika (Venture Remix)
10. [Mesh]-Purple Haze

Megamix 1 - 12/01/04 - I wanted an extra long mix even if it went past the length of a CD. This one is just over two and a half hours long. It starts off slow (ironically with "An Ending") speeds up and settles back down near the end with "Suburban Train".

1. [Brian Eno]-An Ending
2. [Chris and Kai]-Suffocation (The Relentless Dub)
3. [The Greek]-Alive
4. [4 Strings]-Turn it Around (DJ 4 Strings Vocal Mix)
5. [4 Strings]-Take Me Away (Vocal Club Mix)
6. [Lazard]-4 O Clock (Trance Mix)
7. [Sun Decade]-Follow You (Kyau vs Albert Remix)
8. [Oceanlab]-Satellite
9. [Paul Van Dyk]-Nothing But You (Vandit Club Mix)
10. [Rah]-Wave
11. [Progression]-Ocean Green
12. [Castaneda]-Floor Control
13. [Astura]-Cassiopeia
14. [Jose Amnesia]-The Eternal (Nu NRG Mix)
15. [Red Wing]-Indica
16. [Gouryella]-Tenshi (Ratty Mix)
17. [Paul Van Dyk]-Out There
18. [Nenes]-Turbulence
19. [Vinylgroover and the Red Hed]-This Is How It Should Be Done
20. [The Chunk Brothers]-Drop This Like a Boulder (James Lawson Remix)
21. [RFO]-Dig The Bass
22. [Nick Rowland]-Overdrive
23. [Greg Brookman and Craig Paxton]-Audio Syncrasy
24. [Pirate]-Leaving the Sun (Vocal Mix)
25. [Plastic Angel]-Sirene
26. [DJ Tiesto]-Suburban Train

Mix 20 - 12/14/04 - An energetic mix.
1. [Perpetual Two]-Cosmic Chants
2. [Madoka]-Afterburner (Max Graham Remix).
3. [Absolom]-Stars (DJ Jan and Christophe Chantis Remix)
4. [Yahel]-Avalanche
5. [Jan Gustafson]-Future History
6. [DJ Quicksilver]-Ameno (Alanlogue Masters Remix)
7. [Adam Sheridan]-Terminal Velocity
8. [Darude]-Music
9. [Clokx]-Overdrive (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
10. [Nenes]-Turbulence

Mix 21 - 01/01/05 - This one is intended to be another demo. I just gotta get it to some club owners. ;)

1. [Corderoy]-Sweetest Dreams (Greg Murray Remix)
2. [DJ Greenhead]-Crystal (Original Non-Vocal Remix)
3. [True Form]-Forbidden Colors (Thomas Datt Remix)
4. [Mesh]-Purple Haze
5. [Aalto]-Taurine
6. [Alt F4]-Alt F4
7. [Clokx]-Clokx (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
8. [Jan Gustafson]-True Fiction
9. [Rah]-Wave (Airbase Remix)
10. [Solar Stone]-Seven Cities (Armin Van Buuren Dub Remix)
11. [Faraway Project]-Believer
12. [A Force]-Atomic Outbreak

Mix 1+ - 01/17/05 - I'm gonna redo some of my previous mixes with a few minor changes. Namely using different mixes, changing the order, and replacing one or two songs at the most. This one is a redo of mix number 1 which I recorded in mono the first time I did it. I replaced Sarah McLachlan's Fallen with Orbital's Perfect Sunrise which gives the mix a more uplifting tone as a whole. Fallen was depressing!

1. [Orbital]-Perfect Sunrise (Phil Hartnoll Mix)
2. [040]-Ibiza Dreams
3. [Rah]-Seven
4. [Fragma]-Say That Youre Here (Liquid Love Dub Mix)
5. [Solar Stone]-Solarcoaster (Greg Murray Mix)
6. [Pirate]-Leaving The Sun (Original Vocal Mix)
7. [Jam and Spoon]-Angeled (PVD Angeled Club Mix)
8. [Desiderio]-Starlight (Armin Van Buurens Rising Star Remix)
9. [DJ Greenhead]-Crystal (DJ Unique Remix)
10. [Sash]-I Believe (Marc and Claude Remix)

Mix 22 - 01/18/05 - A good uplifting mix with no vocals.

1. [Main Element]-Delta of Venus (Chris Salt Remix)
2. [Shibumi]-Mark of the Moon
3. [Jan Gustafsson]-Hallucination
4. [Armin Van Buuren]-Song for the Ocean (Instrumental)
5. [Super8]-Cre8
6. [Future Beeze]-Ocean of Eternity (Extended Vocal Mix)
7. [Salt Lake]-Sunset Highway
8. [Matti Laamanen]-Obsession (Luke Terry)
9. [Nu NRG]-Dreamland
10. [Recluse]-Isle Dauphine
11. [Aerodrome]-Devote

Mix 23 - 01/27/05 - This is a deep mix with lots of bass and little melody.

1. [Accorsi and Robb]-Foundation
2. [Techno Punk]-Saturday
3. [Chris Micali]-Levasion
4. [Cosmic Gate]-Monotune
5. [Subsky]-Second Day
6. [Haak]-Bass Shuttle
7. [Sultan and the Greek]-Rezin
8. [Fluke]-Slid (Rerub)
9. [DJ Scot Project]-U (De Zenk Mix Overdubbed)
10. [DJ Tiesto]-Flight 643
11. [Benz and MD]-Radience
12. [Chris Salt]-Distorted Reality

Mix 24 - 02/17/05 - I kept screwing up a different set of songs so I just gave up on them and used these instead.

1. [System F]-Exhale
2. [Empyreal Sun and Elles De Graaf]-From Dark To Light (UTurn Remix)
3. [Armin Van Buuren]-Prooemium
4. [ATB]-Till I Come (Sequential One Remix)
5. [001]-Mental Coach (Thybreed Remix)
6. [Africa Bambataa and Soul Sonic Force]-Planet Rock
7. [Ferry Corsten]-Sweet Sorrow
8. [Angels Reverse]-Dont Care (Delerious Mix)
9. [Christopher Lawrence]-Shredder
10. [Kai Tracid]-Conscious (Kan Cold Remix)
11. [BT]-The Great Escape (Attention Deficit Mix)

Mix 25 - 02/27/05 - Another mix, not much else to say...

1. [Koglin and Dewar]-Pushed On
2. [Endre]-Kallocain
3. [Art of Trance]-Mongoose (Tektonik Remix)
4. [Aspekt]-Something Else
5. [Shane]-Too Late To Turn (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
6. [Scott Bond and Solarstone]-Naked Angel
7. [Dark Moon]-Hear Me Calling (Mystic Mix)
8. [Phynn]-Hightide
9. [Rising Star]-Touch Me (Darude Remix)
10. [Tom Slik]-Travelling
11. [Gouryella]-Gouryella

Mix 26 - 03/15/05 - Lots of great songs on this one but I accidentally used the wrong version of Soul Cry. So, I'm gonna retry and switch a few songs around.

1. [DJ Tatana vs The Mystery]-Soul Cry (Sam Sharp Remix)
2. [Dyno]-Ghost in the Shell (Protection Sphere Mix)
3. [Esmaye]-Change is Coming (Mark Norman Vocal)
4. [Adam Sheridan]-Crescendo
5. [DJ DLight]-Backflash (Freedom and Ghostriders Remix)
6. [The Thrillseekers]-New Life
7. [Firewall]-Kilimanjaro
8. [Futurasound]-Call My Name 2002 (Vocal)
9. [Filo and Peri]-Radiate
10. [Paul Van Dyk]-For An Angel (Burnt Fingers Remix)
11. [Paul Van Dyk and Sasha]-For An Angel (Scorched Angel Remix)
12. [Art of Trance]-Breathe (Dawnseekers Remix)

Mix 26+ - 03/16/05 - Halfway through I bumped my crossfader so I had to start over. Despite a couple of train wrecks, this is a pretty nice mix.

1. [DJ Tatana vs The Mystery]-Soul Cry
2. [Dyno]-Ghost in the Shell (Protection Shell Remix)
3. [DJ DLight]-Backflash (Freedom and Ghostriders Remix)
4. [Firewall]-Kilimanjaro
5. [Gouryella]-Ligaya (Green Court Remix)
6. [Futurasound]-Call My Name 2002 (Vocal)
7. [Adam Sheridan]-Crescendo
8. [Filo and Peri]-Radiate
9. [Paul Van Dyk]-For an Angel (Burnt Fingers Remix)
10. [Whiteroom]-Someday
11. [Art of Trance]-Breathe (Dawnseekers Remix)

Mix 27 - 04/06/05 - These are songs I think my friend Samer might like... possibly.

1. [Darude]-Sandstorm (Broken Record Remix)
2. [Cosmic Gate]-Exploration of Space (Green Court Remix)
3. [DJ Tiesto]-Adagio for Strings
4. [Darude]-Music
5. [Veracocha]-Carte Blanche (RVG Remix)
6. [Lasgo]-Surrender (Extended Mix)
7. [Solar Stone]-Seven Cities (AVB Remix)
8. [Britney Spears]-Everytime (Dr Octavo Remix)
9. [DJ Sammy]-Heaven (Extended Mix)
10. [Karma Club]-Lucky Star (Club Mix)
11. [ATB]-Til I Come (Club Mix)
12. [BT]-Somnambulist (Burufunk Mix)
13. [Paul Van Dyk]-Tell Me Why (Club Mix)
14. [O Zone]-Dragostea Din Tei (Romanian Mix)

Mix 28 - 04/16/05 - A pretty good mix with lots of energy.

1. [Ayla]-Ayla (Veracocha Remix)
2. [Mother's Pride]-Learning To Fly (Moonman Remix)
3. [DJ Manta]-Holding On (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star Remix)
4. [Midway]-Amazon
5. [Miika Kuisma]-Rebirth
6. [Sundawner]-Krystal Dreams (Markus L Mix)
7. [Duende]-Amor De Dios (Jet Set Remix)
8. [Alphazone]-Revelation (Phalanx Remix)
9. [Halcyon]-Watermark (Inner and Outer Remix)
10. [Sonar Systems]-Sonar Systems (Beam vs Symmetry Remix)
11. [Nu-NRG]-Dreamland (Rank 1 Re-Edit)
12. [CRW]-I Feel Love (DJ Jamx and De Leon Remix)

Mix 29 - 04/29/05 - This mix is awesome, it's flawless. I'm thinking of getting some web space to host this mix in the near future. Lots of energy and great music here. Click on the link to go download it.

1. [Luigi]-Jet Black
2. [Active Sight]-Adrenalin
3. [Randy Katana]-Fancy Fair 05
4. [Mystery Islands]-Solace (Ronski Speed Remix)
5. [Paul Van Dyk]-Connected (Marco V Remix)
6. [Hemstock and Jennings]-Rendezvous
7. [Ferry Corsten]-Holding On (Above and Beyond Remix)
8. [Winkee]-Whisper (Slusnik Luna Remix)
9. [Aven]-Making Me Fall
10. [Fire and Ice]-Para Siempre (Woody Van Eyden Remix)
11. [Castaneda]-Oceanborn (John Askew Re-edit)
12. [Motu]-Running Water

Mix 30 - 06/03/05 - I've been a bit slow with this one after several attempts that were goofed up.

1. [Gouryella]-Walhalla (AVB Rising Star Remix)
2. [Alt F4]-Alt F4
3. [Kyau vs Albert]-Falling Anywhere
4. [Filo and Peri]-195
5. [Aerodrome]-Tribute to the Past
6. [Kaste]-Desert Eagle
7. [OCallaghan and Kearney]-Restricted Motion
8. [V One]-Dead Cities
9. [Activa]-Release Me
10. [Progression]-Sands of Time
11. [Altitude]-Sunray
12. [George Hales]-Autumn Falls

Mix 31 - 06/30/05 - Again, slow to make this one.

1. [Thomas Datt]-Alone (Inertia Mix)
2. [Clear and Present]-Elevate (John OCallaghan Remix)
3. [Aya and Fila]-Eye of Horus (Ronski Speed Remix)
4. [Marcos]-Summer Solstice
5. [Terradia]-Drowning in Dreams (Magellan Project Remix)
6. [Armin Van Buuren]-Shivers (Rising Star Remix)
7. [Sophie Sugar]-Call of Tomorrow (John OCallaghan Remix)
8. [Tekara]-Wanna Be An Angel
9. [Matt Hardwick vs Smith and Pledger]-Connected
10. [Drax and Scott Mac]-Angel (Magic MuZik Remix)
11. [Yahel]-Devotion (Armin Remix)

Mix 32 - 07/27/05 - Yet another long time to make this one, I haven't been messing with the decks as much lately

1. [Deepwide]-Canyon
2. [Eterna]-Valley of Love (Luke Terry Remix)
3. [Vascotia]-Verano (John O Callaghan Remix)
4. [Filo and Peri]-Luana
5. [Blank and Jones]-Beyond Time (The Thrillseekers Remix)
6. [Lange]-I Believe
7. [Ayu]-M (Van Eyden vs MORPH Remix)
8. [Darren Tate]-Prayer for a God
9. [Mono]-Rise
10. [Nu NRG]-Dreamland 2005 (G and M Project Remix)
11. [Signum]-First Strike (Signum Signal 2004 Remake)
12. [Organ Donors]-999

Mix 33 - 10/04/05 - So, I took a business trip to Cebu and it took me a while to get back into making this hard mix

1. [Breather]-Come On (Euphony Remix)
2. [Technikal and Marc French]-Mad and Confused
3. [Masif DJs]-No Good For Me (Steve Hill vs Technikal Remix)
4. [DJ Irene and George Centeno]-Blow Your Mind
5. [Phil York and Dark by Design]-Wildside (Nick Rowland Remix)
6. [Campion Burns]-Emergency
7. [200 Degrees]-Hellfire (Paul GlaZby Mix)
8. [Simon Eve and DMF]-Insomniac
9. [Ceylon]-Immortal (AlphaZone Mix)
10. [Jason Naughty]-Real DJs
11. [Benny Drohan]-Pump Up the Vibe
12. [Chris Hoff MDA and Spherical]-Scramble
13. [AlphaZone]-Sunrise (Original Club Mix)
14. [Organ Donors]-Mental Atmosphere (MTW Remix)

Mix 34 - 11/04/05 - Again, lazy but made this after about a month. It turned out very nice.

1. [Alex Morph]-New Harvest (New Club Mix)
2. [Smith and Pledger]-Northern Lights
3. [Dyyni]-City of Moving Waters
4. [Sami S]-Oasis
5. [Haylon]-Starfighter (Jonas Steur Remix)
6. [Amurai]-Reminiscent of You
7. [Lennox]-Servant of Justice
8. [Acues and Elitist]-Zonderland (Carl B In a Lonely Place Mix)
9. [John O Callaghan]-Stormy Clouds (Greg Downey Remix)
10. [Andy Moor]-Halcyon (Alex Morph Remix)
11. [Super 8 vs DJ Tab]-First Aid

Mix 35 - 11/21/05 - Another mix, not quite so good as 34 in terms of technique but a great playlist

1. [Electrovoya]-Days Like These
2. [Riley and Durrant]-Home
3. [Mike Koglin vs Jono Grant]-Sequential
4. [Amurai]-Beautiful Dreamer
5. [Madison Factor]-Lights in Motion (Filo and Peri Bangin Mix)
6. [The Well Paid Scientists]-The Gander (Castaneda Remix)
7. [Sunblind]-I Believe (Nu NRG Remix)
8. [DJ Precision and Terry Bones]-Another Situation (Mark Norman Mix)
9. [Elevation]-Ocean Rain (Robert Nickson Remix)
10. [Alex Arestegul]-Proem (Mike Shiver Remix)
11. [Jamie P vs Aurelius]-Sorrow
12. [ECraig vs Ratty]-Call it a Sunrise (PM Mix)

Mix 36 - 02/07/06 - This mix specializes in strings and pianos. It's got a nice classical sound to it (but still dancible).

<>1. [Gouryella]-Ligaya (Green Court Remix)
2. [Yamakasi]-The Secret Garden
3. [Gouryella]-Tenshi (Transa Remix)
4. [DJ Tatana vs The Mystery]-Soul Cry (The Mystery Remix)
5. [Jan Vayne]-Serenity
6. [DJ DLight]-Backflash
7. [Filo and Peri]-Luana
8. [Epos]-Vivagio (Danjo and Styles Remix)
9. [Voluminous]-Humble Chaos
10. [Clokx]-Clokx (Extended Mix)
11. [Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners]-Love Theme Dusk (Mikes Broken Record Mix)

Mix 37 - 03/27/06 - This mix is a bunch of older songs from at least three years ago.

1. [Solar Stone]-Seven Cities (Armin Van Buuren Vocal Mix)
2. [Marc Et Claude]-La (Kaycee 99 Eivissa Remix)
3. [Mirco De Govia]-Epic Monolith
4. [Paul Van Dyk]-For An Angel (PvDs EWerk Club Mix)
5. [Gus Gus]-Purple (Sasha vs The Light Remix)
6. [Mothers Pride]-Learning To Fly (Will Holland Remix)
7. [Gouryella]-Walhalla
8. [DJ Manta]-Holding On (Lange Remix)
9. [Agnelli and Nelson]-Everyday (Alex Gold Remix)
10. [Nu NRG]-Dreamland

I am also an amateur techno music writer using Reason 2.5 to create music. Here are the songs I currently have written in MP3 format.

Ether - Updated 12/6/03

Helios - Updated 12/7/03

Metamorphosis - New on 12/30/03

Thaw - Updated on 3/2/04

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